This shot of the USA”s Stephanie Jallen stood out above the rest due to its bold diagonal lines, with the shadows of the trees giving the image a creepy Tim Burton-esque feel

The Hermanator crashing out in the Nagano DH. (h/t SkiMag)

Well worth repeated watchings.

Amazing to have Ted talk through his transition and edge angles; technical narrative made simple through great production: more of this please.

Gpsy Feelin in Val d’Isère

Olympic nostalgia, part four: the awesome Janica Kostelic, Salt Lake City 2002. This followed a run of seven consecutive wins, the season before in 2000-01, in slalom

The classic swiss cheese race suit - modelled by Didier Cuche. Let’s bring it back. (h/t Tagblatt)

After the last ice age, Stone Age hunters began strapping long pieces of wood to their feet to travel farther and faster over snow in pursuit of the game that flourished across Europe and Asia. Adaptations for terrain and snow conditions influenced the design of the skis in different regions.

Olympic nostalgia, part three: Jonny Moseley. Which makes two recent nods to Fistful of Moguls on here now, going to have to watch it.